server rules for gambo city

You can and may be banned from our servers for any of the following actions on any of other servers.

game rules

  1. Illegal game modifications (such as cheating)
    Obtaining any significant advantage over other players.
    This does include (but is not limited to):

    • No Props
    • No Bush
    • AI

    This does not include:

    • Tracers
    • Texturepacks
  2. Trolling
    Stealing, Destroying, Raming of your teammates' vehicles

  3. Trashtalk
    Unneeded downtalking of someone/something

  4. Insults

  5. Teaming
    Purposely ignoring other players3.

  6. Spamming
    Writing the same / equal messages very fast.

  7. Bugusing
    Abusing bugs in our or gta's game mechanics.

  8. KD farming
    Anomaliously pushing your kd (e.g.: teaming)

  9. Foreign language
    Talking in a language besides german or english in our game chate

behaviour rules

  1. Be friendly with other players
    Do not insult, spread hateful content, discriminate

  2. No NSFW / No adult content
    Younger players also play FiveM. Therefore, please refrain from posting this content in public channels

  3. Create tickets only for valid reasons (i.e.):
    - Report players, administrative problems, purchases

  4. Do not abuse support
    By deliberately coming to support for irrelevant things (voice or ticket)
  5. Do not randomly tag people you don't know personally
    Especially not team members
  6. No third-party advertising
    Call people in chat to other servers / send Discord invitations
  7. Do not post or promote hacking content
    We do not support FiveM Hacks providers or hackers themselves. If you promote hacks in your bio or shared videos, you will be banned from the discord
  8. Ban talk and ticket talk
    Do not talk about your bans / tickets in the discord channels.
    Your tickets will not be processed faster as a result and have no place in the chat.
  9. No doxxing
    Do not share personal information about you or others on our platform (including our ingame-chat and discord)
  10. Foreign language
    Talking in a language besides german or english in our game chate